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Trik Blackberry

Trik Blackberry

Berikut  adalah  trik yang dapat dilakukan untuk menampilkan informasi tambahan pada Blackberry anda

Address Book ALT+VALD @ Address Book list. Validate the data structure and look for inconsistencies. ALT+RBLD @ Address Book list. Force a data structure rebuild. Browser ALT+RBVS @ Any HTML/WML webpage. View web page source code. Calendar ALT+VIEW @ Inside any Calendar item. Show extra info for a Calendar event. SYNC @ Calendar>Options. Enable Calendar slow sync. RSET @ Calendar>Options. Will prompt for a reload of the calendar from the BES. RCFG @ Calendar>Options. Request BES configuration. SCFG @ Calendar>Options. Send device configuration. DCFG @ Calendar>Options. Get CICAL configuration. SUPD @ Calendar>Options. Enable detailed Calendar report for backup. SUPS @ Calendar>Options. Disable detailed Calendar report for backup. SUPN @ Calendar>Options. Disable Calendar report database. LUID @ Calendar>Options. Enable view by UID. SRSL @ Calendar>Options. Show Reminder status log. Date/Time LOLO @ Options>Date/Time. Show Network time values. Email ALT+CNFG @ Options>Advanced Options>Enterprise Activation Email field. Enterprise Activation Settings for Enterprise Activation. Home Screen ALT+JKVV @ Home Screen. Display cause of PDP reject. ALT+SHIFT+H @ Home Screen. Displays the Help Me screen. ALT+EACE @ Home Screen. Displays the Help Me screen. ALT+ESCR @ Home Screen. Displays the Help Me screen. ALT+NMLL @ Home Screen. Switches the signal strength from bars to a numeric value. ALT+LGLG @ Home Screen. Displays the Java event log. ALT+RIGHT SHIFT+DEL @ Home Screen. Soft Restart BlackBerry device. Messaging ALT+VIEW @ Messages. Displays the RefId and FolderId for that particular message. For PIM items, displays only the RefId. MMS MMSC @ Options>MMS. Show MMS hidden options. Search Application ALT+ADVM @ Search Application. Enabled Advanced Global Search. SIM Card MEPD @ Options>Advanced Options>SIM Card. Display MEP info. MEP1 @ Options>Advanced Options>SIM Card. Disable SIM personalization. MEP2 @ Options>Advanced Options>SIM Card. Disable Network personalization. MEP3 @ Options>Advanced Options>SIM Card. Disable Network subset personalization. MEP4 @ Options>Advanced Options>SIM Card. Disable Service provider personalization. MEP5 @ Options>Advanced Options>SIM Card. Disable Corporate personalization. Status BUYR (QWERTY Keyboard) @ Options>Status. Displays Data and Voice Usage. BUZR (QWERTZ Keyboard) @ Options>Status. Displays Data and Voice Usage. TEST @ Options>Status. Perform test using the hardware diagnostic tool. From the menu on the Device Self Test Application screen, select Start. Theme ALT+THMN @ Any menu. Change to no theme (B&W). ALT+THMD @ Any menu. Change to default theme. WLAN ALT+SMON @ WLAN Wizard screen. Enable simulated Wizard mode. ALT+SMOF @ WLAN Wizard screen. Disable simulated Wizard mode.
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