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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sachesi - Excellent tool for BlackBerry10

Sachesi toolkit can be regarded as indispensable for BlackBerry users 10. Despite being in Beta, but what it does is really amazing. Sachesi lets you search and download the OS update for all BlackBerry model 10, in all countries and networks around the world. It also helps you to easily create Autoload file or extract (extract) applications from the autoload file. Support the operating system installation as well as the file. Applications bar. And in particular, it can backup and restore data, applications, settings, or replace it for BlackBerry Link.

1. The first feature that I introduced Search - Search for and download the latest OS

To find the latest version for the BB10 OS, you only need: - Enter the country code, network code (click on the? Next Country to know the country code and network in the world). - Enter the code and corresponding devices - In the Mode: select Upgrade to download the upgrade file (like OTA updates). Or choose Debrick to download the full version of the OS, there will be 2-OS and Radio Core file used to create the file Autoload.

Click Search to look for, click Download All to download. However, if you want to download faster, you should opt for Links Grab it creates one file containing all the links update.txt file. Need download bar. Open IDM and select Tasks> Import> Import from text files to import all the links and download by IDM.

2. Backup - Backup and restore data for BB10
This function is similar to the BlackBerry Link, you can choose partial or full backup. I like this guy used to backup / restore because it is faster and simpler than BB Link.
Note: BB Link file backup using Restore by Sachesi can and vice versa, backup file can be restored by Sachesi also by BB Link. 

3. Install - Install OS, install the file. Bar
Setting the bar file to make people know more stuff like vnBB10, DDBP or Chrome extension. And there is a common feature tools that are required to turn BB10 Developement Mode on your device. And now, with Sachesi, install the file. Upward bar easier and more powerful.
You do not need to turn on Development Mode can still install bar file from your computer to normal BB10. 1 However, there is limited BB10 to connect via USB, not via Wifi as vnBB10. But Sachesi can install all the files. Bar that you download Upgrade mode (referred to in item 1 - Search) helps you to upgrade to BB10 OS offline from your computer without losing anything as cool as updated via OTA.
To install just drag / drop files or click on the Install button bar folder (full install file. Bar in selected folder) or Install. Bar (s) (bar installation files are selected). You can also choose to install the module was removed.

4. Extract - working with autoload file
In this section, you can Split (split) autoload file into two separate files OS and Radio. You can also get a list of blacklist PIN (the PIN can be Block).
You can also extract file from Core-OS Apps into the file. Separate bar for each application...
Also again is Exploit 2 and Boot tab, I have not had time to study is not clear, you know, any additional help that okay part 2.

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